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Blackhawk! Manual Entry Tool Kit

Quickly becoming the new standard, the Tactical Backpack Kit-B comes complete with three powerful tools and the rugged Manual Entry

Blackhawk! Mini Deployment Kit Blk

As active-shooter callouts have become more complex in nature, our research team developed the Mini Deployment Bag to meet these

Blackhawk! Mini Tool Kit

To fulfill requests for a lighter, tougher tactical entry kit, the Dynamic Entry design team created the Mini Tool Kit,

Blackhawk! Monoshock Battering Ram

The flagship of the Dynamic Entry tool line, our MonoShock Ram is the expert breacher s entry ram of choice.

Blackhawk! Special Ops Breaching Tool

Designed for close-quarter breaching situations, these heavy-duty hallagan-style breaching tools are more robust than our standard non-sparking hallagans.

Blackhawk! Tactical Backpack Kit

The standard for most breaching operations, the Tactical Backpack Kit includes three specialized entry tools and the Manual Entry Tool

Blackhawk! Tactical Backpack Kit C

Designed to meet active-shooter callouts, the Tactical Backpack Kit-C carries three barrier-smashing entry tools inside the Manual Entry Tool Pack.

Blackhawk! Tactical Entry Kit #1

The Tactical Entry Kit #1 is the perfect kit for standard tactical entries, featuring the MonoShock Ram and Dynamic Duo.

Blackhawk! Tactical Entry Kit #2

The Tactical Entry Kit #2 combines the MonoShock Ram and Break-N-Rake with the Tactical Backpack Kit-B to for more challenging

Blackhawk! Tactical Entry Kit #3

Tactical Entry Kit #3 Tactical Entry Kit #3 including one each: DE-MS/-MHB/-TBK/-BR/-DD Black DE-MS MONOSHOCK RAM The flagship of the

Blackhawk! Twin Turbo Door Ram Entry Tool

This two-man entry ram features the identical manufacturing standards of our legendary MonoShock Ram but is designed for one- or