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Good Stuff

Never had better hot cereal

Great handlight

I've had many tactical lights and this one has an amazingly rugged feel and is lightweight. Definitely superior metal to what you get with Olight or Fenix.

Best hydration bladder period

The bladder's design allows it to take up very little room, and it has no plastic taste. Very well built. The universal tube adapter is a brilliant accessory too. As a 3L bladder it doesn't fit all that well in smaller bags, but for the price it's more versatile.

Thank you for the good prices on quality products

In November I will have had mine for 3 years. I use it daily to power a fridge, lights and a series of fans. Runs 100%. One note for those using it to power a 12v fridge. Most fridge shut off at 10v and the Kodiak can run down to 9v. So if your v is 11v or bellow plug your fridge into the inverter.

Great quality of tool and craftsmanship, very well pleased with the axe and sheath I purchased! Well balanced and well become a versatile tool in my outdoor tool/camping arsenal.

Worked right out of the box.

Seemed to charge at 94W with the car charger. In contrast, the in-house charger works at 86W.

Made in China

Durability unknow, because, I just received the product.

Took quite a bit of effort to insert the plug into the cigarette lighter. I stopped a few times thinking I'd break the car. I ended up compressing the tangs on the plug with my hands and then forcing it in. There appears to be a tolerance problem with the plug, shouldn't be so hard to insert.

This a very easy to use, quick way to get a fire going. It's so easy that I use it to build confidence in the Scouts I teach primative fire starting skills to.

A solar panel that is hefty enough to survive the storms and thick enough when the jackasses from the UPS warehouses step on it and leave their boot marks all over the cardboard don't break the panel

Quieter than a fat kid opening a candy bar in church. Holds power and is light enough to be carried by anyone in the house that can handle a few pounds and small enough to fit in one of those electric cars but if you have an electric car you probably wouldn't want something as cool and useful as this Lion Energy Safari generator.

Love it. Perfect gift

Great stuff to gave just in case.

Expensive yet great food.... Just in case.

These are SO easy to make, and absolutely delicious! We had a big family dinner for everyone to try the Black Bean Burgers... they are absolutely delicious, and so easy to make! Even my three-year-old grandson said, "This is the BEST BURGER!"

Have not tried the eggs yet but Ibm sold on this company and will use them again and again. My order came damaged so I reached out to see if it would affect the product at all. Within an hour not only had they replied to my email, but shipped out a replacement. It was so appreciated!

Armory survival is the place to go to get what you need. Have done business with them for 3 years. Solar storm panels work great. Thanks Nick

We love these potato shreds. They are quick and easy to prepare on a moments notice. We even make them up at night just for a snack. Always turn out perfect. And Armory survival is great to work with. I will definitely buy from them again. They are right on top of things. Thank you!

3 of the suits was fine but two were defective and was falling apart

It was moovalous...

This is "Master" kit for maintaining and upgrading an AR15. It has everything I need to get anything done on any AR I come across. Truly a fine kit that any true advocate in AR repair, maintenance and upgrading would love to have. Built for the master gunsmith but also perfect for the adventurer.

Front and rear shoulder straps ripped with 1 weeks everyday use. Lightweight plates, 4 mags ,radio and that was too much for this thing. Oh well

Fantastic product!!! Fits well and comfortable.

Everything you need to build an AR. Best price on the internet. Good job guys!

Armors kit is a great addition to help build and customize all my family's and friends AR 15s.

Easy way to just have what's needed to assemble ARs easily.